Machine building and industrial plant contracts present particular challenges in the coordination and integration of these agreements within the contract framework. By the same token, this applies also to legal support and claim management. Due to the many challenges in infrastructure projects, industrial plants and in mechanical engi-neering as a whole, one must consider these contracts as having a separate legal nature.

Machine building and industrial plant projects are often based on the construction contracts commonly used in familiar international standard forms, such as  the FIDIC Red Book, Silver Book, etc. from the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils or NEC-Contracts of the Institution of Civil Engineers with their customary international standards.

An interesting regulation topic in machine building and industrial plant contracts is, for example, the system of collateral securities that protect both parties, or the question of whether a title retention can be bindingly agreed in those contracts. Due to the
extensive risk factors arising out of the realisation of industrial and infrastructural
projects, the concept of liability requires particular attention.

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