Implementation through to Claim Management

We provide support during implementation and throughout the construction phase of a project, including legal advice and claim management.  A party to a construction project can receive legal advice at all stages of the project with regard to, for example, dealing with professional building contractors such as builders, architects, engineers, general business suppliers, etc; the benefits have already been recognised by a wide variety of clients general contractors sub-contractors and others.

Legal advice can be sought from the time that a construction concept evolves, during the decision phase and thereafter in the implementation of a construction project.  Parties who may play a part in the project may include the principals and financing alternatives, general construction contractors, and individuals.  This may include the review and handling or controlling of contracts, tenders and the awarding of contracts - authorities awarding contracts according to the VOB/A – and contract fulfilment.

As a result, legal advice could include the following: the adaptation of contracts, the retention of rights, the enforcement and/or defence against claims, and evaluations  Once the work has been completed, ongoing support continues to be provided through the acceptance phase, through review and negotiation of the final accounting. If no satisfactory outcome can be agreed by all the parties concerned, it may be necessary to move to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods and measures such as mediation, conciliation and adjudication, and if necessary, move on to court action or an arbitration tribunal.

Effective supervision and monitoring of construction legal services requires that the legal advisor work closely with the client, and not just to intervene when problems arise. The legal advisor should have the necessary experience in contract arrangements following the VOB, and in the international arena, the application of the NEC and FIDIC contracts.  There should be sufficient familiarity so that reaction can take place without lengthy examination or cumbersome processes.

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