Arbitration Proceedings

Arbitration proceedings can be considered as being part of Alternative Dispute Reso-lution (ADR), and include Mediation, Conciliation, and Adjudication measures for the amicable settlement of a dispute. Use of these procedures can be considered a win-win situation for good reason, particularly in the case of Arbitration in national and international Construction Law and Plant Construction Law, because of the many proven benefits.

In civil disputes, the parties may agree to accept the decisions of an Arbitrator ap-pointed by the Parties, rather than a state court appointee. The legal basis here, §§ 1025 - 1066 Code of Civil Procedure, where the Parties agree that no other civil pro-ceedings such as, for example, ICC, SCC, UNCITRAL, DIS, SGOBau or ad hoc indi-vidually negotiated arbitration agreements.

The success of such methods depends to a great extent on the expertise of the indi-viduals nominated. It goes without saying that the nominee must be impartial and unbiased; the nominee should also have experience with relevant arbitration rules and procedures. In any case, it is recommended to proceed very carefully in the se-lection of an Arbitrator, while submission of CVs is not uncommon. The Arbitrator should have a thorough knowledge of international Construction and Plant Construc-tion Law.

In our role, we act as arbitrator and others as well as party representatives. If you have any further questions, please contact us without obligation!